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(21) Our first RV trip with Ken and Sandra 2003

August 27th, 2012 by admin

We had met Ken and Sandra Jones way back in the 80s at The Model Engineer Exposition at Wembley, outside London. Then again at Folkstone for the Euromilitaire figure show. I invited Ken to come over for a Mastercon in 1999, we became friends and by 2003, were taking trips together.

Ken was editor of Military Modelling magazine in London, England for many years. He recently retired in december of 2011.

Our first trip together was in the summer of 2003. We left St. Louis headed south for the Gulf Coast. We stopped along the way in Springfield Missouri where we showed them the apartment Bob had while dating Susan. Pretty crude! Click on images to enlarge.

Then Our first house ever. We lived there from December of 1965 to January of 1967 when we moved to St. Louis. Click on images to enlarge.

On the road!

Then on to Branson. Click on images to enlarge.

King Bob! Click on images to enlarge.

Lake Taneycomo/The Branson area is a beautiful place. Click on images to enlarge.

From there we went directly to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Susan and I had been coming here during the winter for several years. We loved the area that was within easy driving distance to New Orleans, Buloxi and Gulfport. We continued returning until Hurricane Katrina struck. We returned once a few years after, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. The damage was just incredible. Click on images to enlarge.

In Landry’s restaurant in Buloxi. Click on images to enlarge.

Bob in the Coach, a 2000 Holiday Rambler Imperial, 40 ft. diesel, our third coach.

At a car show in Gulfport. Click on images to enlarge.

Ken in Landry’s.

Susan getting ready to go out in the coach. Click on images to enlarge.

Bob and Susan by the beach in Gulfport.

Sandra at Landry’s, Buloxi. Click on images to enlarge.

Then a day trip to New Orleans French Quarter. The dogs are along as usual! Click on images to enlarge.

Southern Star, our second Dobie laden with necklaces! Check out the look on her face! :-)

Porn shop on Bourbon Street. Click on images to enlarge.

Then back on the road towards Tunica and Memphis. The girls went to the Elvis Presley mansion while Ken and I toured Elvis’ airplanes.

Packin’ up the Durango. We tow it behind the coach. Click on images to enlarge.

At Tunica, Susan hits the casinos.

Memphis by the Mississippi. Click on images to enlarge.

Then on to Lake of the Ozarks and one of our favorite restaurants, J.B. Hooks. They have a filet mignon steak charbroiled and stuffed with crab and lobster, and their Oysters Rockefeller! Yummy!!! Click on images to enlarge.

Click on images to enlarge.

Then back home to St. Louis and the daily grind at VLS.


(5) Kansas City with Ken and Sandra Oct 2009

August 22nd, 2012 by admin

Trips, a visit from Ken and Sandra, October to November, 2009
October 23rd, 2009 by Bob Letterman

Ken and Sandra were back in October, 2009, and we planned a trip to Kansas City, where we would meet Terry and Mary Barrow. Click on photos to enlarge.

Ken’s wife, Sandra. Click on photos to enlarge.

Later, I invited him to Mastercon. He came and really enjoyed himself. The next year we invited him and his wife Sandra to come over for a two week road trip in the coach. Click on photos to enlarge.

The coach.

They did and have been visiting once or twice a year ever since. This trip was planned around modeling and modelers. Susan and I are typical dog nuts, they have always played a big part in our lives. Ken and Sandra have always enjoyed playing with them. Ken and I worked closely when I ran VLS. VLS was the American importer of all the magazines his company publishes. He took a huge number of photos in the museum and will be doing an article in MilMod in a couple of months.

They started walking with us daily as they always do. Wes Bradley, a very good friend brought his 11 year old daughter, Alexis, to spend the day. Click on photos to enlarge.

We had a few nice days while they were here, but most were a little chilly! This is one of the many parks nearby that we walk in. Click on photos to enlarge.

This was their first meeting with Star who is exactly one year old. Both like dogs and dogs always know who does and who doesn’t.

Star is one year old and weighs 75 pounds. Sandra took up with her immediately. As you can see by the size of her feet, she still has some growing to do. Click on photos to enlarge.

As gentle as she is, seeing this coming at you would scare some.

Time for a water break! Click on photos to enlarge.

Wes’ daughter, Alexis, Wes, Sandra and me with my back to the camera.

The great Cagney. His nickname is The Cagmeister! All of 10 pounds. Click on photos to enlarge.

Ken, looking very pensive at a restaurant!

A few days later, we fired up the coach and headed for Kansas City. We visited every hobby shop there, unfortunately not any great ones! It was so foggy we couldn’t see the tops of the skyscrapers. Click on photos to enlarge.

In the coach, we have to put Cagney in the bedroom to eat, otherwise Star will take a deep breath and inhale Cagney’s dinner. After eating, he watches the goings on from under the door. Ken took this fantastic shot! Click on photos to enlarge.

We visited all the local attractions and had some great meals. Kansas City is known for steaks and barbeque. Then Mr. T, (Terry of T&T), met us at our favorite, Jack Stack. We all had their famous “Burnt Ends”, Fantastic!

We had a great meal, then proceeded to see the sights. Click on image to enlarge.

This is the famous Country Club Plaza, a humongous shopping center in the upscale part of Kansas City.

Ditto Click on photos to enlarge.


I know we are old, but we haven’t forgotten how to have fun! Click on photos to enlarge.

After four days of partying and lots of fantastic food, we headed back to St. Louis.

We checked out all the good hobby shops here, especially the best one, CRM Hobby. Many American modelers know the owner, Chris Merseal. Click on photos to enlarge.

Models, what a natural location for Susan!

Then we went over to Alton, Illinois to check out a famous icon bar restaurant there. Fast Eddies Bon Air. This place sells more beer than any other single retail outlet in America. The food was fantastic! A few years ago, they actually bought a large portion of the street behind them from the city, enclosed it and made a huge outdoor beer hall! Click on photos to enlarge.

Me and Sandra in Fast Eddies gift shop! Click on photos to enlarge.

Then on to dinner with Chris (Panzer) Mrosko, at a Texas Road House!

Chris, Bob and Star outside the restaurant.

On the 22nd of October, Susan took Ken and Sandra to the airport. Star wondering where her new friends have went! Click on photos to enlarge.

Another great visit! We look forward to their trips every year. Of course, there is always a downside. In the two weeks, I gained 7 pounds! As I said, so much wonderful food! What the hell, I’m not out there hitting on chics anyway, right? Most of these pics were taken by Ken. Those are the really good ones. Many were taken by Susan, they are also good ones, the rest by me, they are the bad ones!