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(05) “Logistics” The Rolling Stock

August 29th, 2012 by admin

This topic will eventually include ALL railroad models/K-5 railway gun and trolleys in the diorama. Another vehicle for the next diorama will be a locomotive, tender and a RR Gun. I have the locomotive and tender complete up to the point of painting and weathering, and the RR gun is barely started with one of the trucks ready to paint. This is, of course, the Trumpeter kit. I had originally built the Tank Workshop kit and when this came out, discovered that the TW kit was almost twice the size of this and really out of scale!

Here is the BR-52 with base coat. The first two are normal photos, the third enhanced with brightness in Photoshop. The next step will be to lighten some of the larger areas with black plus some khaki drill, Humbrol matt 72, then to the detailing.

And a shot I lightened in Photoshop to better able to see it.

This will be on the tracks of the train station cutaway w/tender and K-5 railway gun.

Haven’t worked on this section for awhile. Here are two more for this one. I will have a powered unit and a slave unit on the back street of Logistics, fairly damaged but not total wrecks. The model is the box art I’ve been carrying around for years and a little beat up. It will be the slave unit. The new one in the box will be the powered unit. I intend to cut the windows out of clear plastic.

Also, I have one of the trucks built for the K5E rail gun that will be behind the tender and locomotive in the cut away train station in the front of the diorama.

Onwards and upwards!

The locomotive, tender and the K5E rail gun will be under the cutaway train platform under the canopy. In this picture, you can see the first carriage of the RR gun behind the tender.

I finally finished something on this thread! This is the Custom Dioramic’s Trolley. The original pattern was made by Ben Jacobsen, IMO, one of the very best! It went together like a plastic kit, perfect fits throughout. I added the glass, mostly shot up. I have seen this built by a couple of the big names in modeling. Both beautiful jobs, but…. and I’m not a real picky guy, but safety glass has been around long before WW II. Both those trolleys had jagged glass shards like those in your house windows would break. Especially all public transportation vehicles had safety glass when this was in service. As you know, safety glass is two thin plates of glass with a clear polymer plastic sandwiched in between. When it breaks, the plastic holds it together. Otherwise, accidents would have a lot more fatalities than they do. When a bullet goes through them, they look much like a spiders web. I’ve put my share of them through the rear windows of cars I was chasing way back when I was a cop.

Here are two shots of safety glass broken in a vehicle.

And here is how normal glass breaks into shards that is in windows of houses and some buildings.

I did these with only an exacto knife. Just made holes, then made starbursts with the knife, then uneven concentric circles expanding out.

I added a lot of detail to the roof electrical system. I found some European trolleys on the web and kinda scratched and/or used similar parts from the scrap box. (And a little gizmology!) If one of you readers is an expert on European trollys of the forties, specializing in the power conducting units, Then excuse me all to hell! Without this, it looked way too plain.

I used various data plates and other signage both inside and out from a box I keep those types of things in.

I’ll be finishing off the locomotive and coal car soon. The railway gun is started but quite a bit to go. This trolley will have power poles on either end with the wires resting on the upper contact.

I finally got around to building the K-5E 28 cm rail gun for the dio. As I was finishing it up, I kept waiting for the instructions to attach the wood lathe strips to the gun deck. Then I started looking for those strips. I kept thinking, “Have I lost those damned things somewhere. Then I went on the web and looked up the Dragon K-5E. Lo and behold, I came upon another builder who had scratched the wood because, as he said, Dragon forgot it.

So, I dug out the old Evergreen strips and finished it up. Amazing they could have forgotten that. It is on the diesel engine roof along with the rails for the shell carriage. Weird.

I left off some of the details until after weathering. The guard rails will be damaged by the collapsing steel girders from the canopy. I will probably put some G.I.s standing on the barrel while a photographer snaps pictures for some added drama!

Anyway, here are some pics.

Here you can see how the wooden lathe strips were added on the diesel module roof, but not on the gun deck.

I used a lot of PE on this, the brass kit PE is obvious but the Eduard doesn’t photograph well because it blends with the plastic color. Also, I shot the entire model with clear flat before photographing it which makes it all the more invisible. I want to mention that Erik, (Dragonov), actually gave me the Eduard set about 2 years ago. He probably didn’t think I was ever going to build this thing! Thanks Erik!

In these shots, I photographed it on the diorama along with most of the other vehicles that will be on it when finished. Some are finished and some only base coated. It will be very busy, but that is why I called it logistics!

Here, you can see the size of this gun compared with the tiny Shermans above it.

When finished, the train canopy will be collapsed on top of the rail gun. It will hide a lot of the detail I put in it, but until I actually build the canopy, I don’t know what will show and what won’t. So, I built it as if everything would be seen. I believe the effect of doing that will be really dramatic as well as it will also allow the viewer to see all the action going on above on street level.