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The First Poem I ever wrote.

September 15th, 2012 by admin

Meeting my daughter was such an inspirational event for me, I wrote a poem for the first time in my life. Please excuse the clumsiness, but at then age 69, it was a totally new experience. It was for the two women in my life. Susan, my wife and Gail, my daughter.

My Angels

Early days floundering, through endless mazes
Searching and stumbling, through negative gazes
Destinations unknown, yet always searching.
Approaching environs, but never connecting

A flash in the blackness, and true love appeared
A soulmate forever, the apparition quite clear
Ecstatic adventures, interminable elation
Abundance, triumphs, life’s awesome sensations.

A cup to the brim beyond fools wildest dreams
Much of the credit, wasn’t mine it would seem
Built on the core of a magical soul
She lifted me up, created me whole.

Eternity of bliss, romantic obsession,
through veils of time, sailing through professions,
Pillars of sustenance, eternally in evidence,
A horn of plenty, unending abundance

Love of my life, guardian of my soul,
A life she fulfilled, twas etched in the scrolls.
What more could be wanted, being not avaricious
Lives filled with wonders, each one more delicious

Wondrous adventures, lives so sublime
Went flying through spans, and portals of time
Now in winter, bonds never ending
With all the excess, what now is portending

A miracle happened, on Pearl Harbor day
And altered my world, on that cold winter’s day
That month of December, as if fate’s demonstration
Another appeared, and with invitation

Shielded from vision for two score and more
Another angel for me to adore
My love I dispatched, no questions asked
Then came a test, and took me to task

Searching my soul, I knew it was true
My love of my Gail was too long overdue
Mysterious semblances, with identical flairs
All things in common, and out of thin air

My cup overfloweth as no man before
Two glorious beings, that reach to my core
Revived as a family, forever we’ll be
My Susan, my Gail, my angels, and me

Wondering through life, had I found neither one
The life would be empty, or probably done
My wife and my daughter, no more could I ask
Deserving not what, had just been unmasked

My life fulfilled, should I be called away
I could ask no more, I’ve cherished my day.
Till then as is written, I exist in this dream
Wondering why chosen, by this heavenly team

Husband and Father

May 11th, 2010

My angels. Click to enlarge