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March 20th, 2015 by admin

Mastercon is the name of a convention I started back in 1992. It was unique in it’s concept as there was a competition with no Judges. It grew to be a much larger show than I had imagined, and we hosted it for 16 years. The last Mastercon was in St. Louis On Labor Day, in 2006. It was then we sold the company including the show and it was all moved to Dallas, Texas. It got off to a bad start there and didn’t fare all that well until 2015. A new CEO, Gwynne Gorr, took over the top spot and asked Susan and I to attend. The attendance was up some 50% offer previous years and it turned into a really great convention, reminiscent of the old days in St. Louis. The following are some photos taken while we were there.

The Banquet room just prior to the awards presentation. Click on photos to enlarge.

Scenes from around the banquet and awards ceremony.

Click on photos to enlarge.

And, my old buddy, Terry Barrow, won the grand prize, known as the Big Eagle. Click on photos to enlarge.

Chuck Harransky, who had been at Squadron/MMD since the 1970s and an old friend for most of those years.

Me with Gil and Sydney Gonsoulin. Gil is the only person to have attended all 24 Mastercons/Eagle Quests. They have been good friends with Susan and i for a long time! Click on photos to enlarge.

Jef Verswyvel, a native Belgian who worked for my former partner, Francois Verlinden, immigrated to America in 1995. Jef produced several brands of kits, the most popular was probably Black Box, now is production manager for MMD. His new wife, Jill, who also works for MMD, with Susan and me. Click on photos to enlarge.

Here I am giving a presentation about my latest diorama, Logistics, as well as dozens of Mastercon photos from the 90s.

Squadron headquarters. Click on photos to enlarge.

Susan with the new CEO of MMD/Squadron, Gwynne Gorr and her husband.

Some of the old guard. Hal Sanford, Greg Pierce, Bob Waltman and his son Tyler, Bill Roberts and Rick Justice. Click on photos to enlarge.

Another old friend from Belgium. Willy Peters. Willy worked for my former partner Francois Verlinden for years He was responsible for many of the books and almost all the printed products. Later, he immigrated to America and did extensive work for many of the VLS aftermarket lines. I first met Willy in 1985 and we have been friends since. Click on photos to enlarge.

Some more of the old guard. Jim Patrick, Greg Stewart, Rick Justice and Bob Waltman.

We had a great time and intend to go next year to the 25th Eagle Quest. Hard to believe that show is now a quarter century old. Click on photos to enlarge.

Next coming up.

Lots of photos from the old Mastercons.