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Mastercons past

July 6th, 2015 by admin

Here are some photographs going all the way back to Mastercon II. As you will see, most are from Mastercon III, because many were lost during the split in 1999 and the subsequent sale of VLS to MMD/Squadron. I’ll just start with the order the photographs are in and go from there.

Mastercon III, Verlinden, Dave Pescke of Chicago, receiving the Big Master’s eagle, and Bob Letterman.

Mastercon III. Richard Mitchell, headed for the dais to receive and award.

Mastercon III. Tom Gerringer, then vice president of VLS, presents an award to Don Kanaval. Don was a great guy, he is no longer with us but will never be forgotten.

Mastercon III. Richard Mitchell winning the Big Eagle

Mastercon III. Richard Mitchell receiving the big eagle from Verlinden and Letterman

Mastercon III. Richard Mitchell receiving the Verlinden Trophy from Verlinden and Letterman.

Mastercon III. The Dais with the Grand Master Eagle.

Mastercon III. Francois Verlinden, Joe and Jake Porter and Bob Letterman

Mastercon III. Joe Porter Bob Letterman and Tom Gerringer sorting ballots.

Mastercon III. Lewis Pruneau and Shep Paine giving an award to Joe Porter.

Mastercon III. The dais, left to right. Lewis Pruneau, Francois Verlinden, Bob Letterman, Wes Bradley, and Ernie Petit.

Mastercon III The rear of the dais. Left to right. Bob Hayden, FSM Editor, The Tamiya rep. Ernie Petit, Wes Bradley, Bob Letterman, Francois Verlinden, Lewis Pruneau and Shep Paine.

To be continued.