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August 17th, 2012 by admin

Our Gallery
May 20th, 2016, by Bob Letterman

Thanks for visiting our web site. This gallery is for our friends to see what we are doing since retiring, and old pictures from the past during both our dual careers.

The links on your left will guide you to other subjects, and to other aspects of our life. We have recently reorganized the links so they should be more user friendly. Thanks for visiting.

All photos not credited to others are by Bob or Susan Letterman throughout this site.

These photos posted here are of us and friends throughout the years and of our daughter Gail. The links on the left include many, many more.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

This was taken on a mild november day in 1990, 26 years ago. It is the building that VLS occupied until 1999. We were going through a televised groundbreaking ceremony in O’Fallon’s Lone Star Industrial Park. That is a five handled shovel we are holding. From left to right, Wes Bradley, VLS’ art director, Susan Letterman, Executive Vice President, Tom Gerringer, Vice president, Kamni Bhatt, barely seen behind me, VLS’ accounting manager. Then Bob Letterman, president, Jay Steinberg, the realtor for the Letterman Group Real Estate Holding Company, In the brown shirt, The very low-keyed Mayor of O’Fallon, Don Moriarity, president of Enterprise Bank, who handled the financing and Bill Karenbrock, the building contractor, Central Building Systems, from Columbia, Missouri. This seems like another lifetime, VLS had only been in business 8 years when this was taken. VLS had been located previously in Cross Keys center, then to Westport Industrial Park prior to this move. Boy, everybody looked so damned young! :-) I was only 49!

Bob on his 71st birthday, May, 2012!

Here is Susan taken in May of 2012 with her new Mother’s Day present from someone very special.

Another of Bob in Kemah, Texas, 2009, on the boardwalk in Landry’s seafood restaurant on the Gulf Coast. Click on Images to enlarge.

These two of Bob and Susan. On the right is in O’Fallon, Missouri, 2008 and on the left in Gulfport, Mississippi in 2007. Click on Images to enlarge.

Photo credit upper right to Chris Mrosko, upper left to Ken Jones.

Susan, April 2009 in Washington, D.C.

Bob & Joe Mokwa, his police detective partner of 10 years. Taken in 1978 in an article to follow up “Ten years later” of the Saturday Evening Post article of 1968. Click on Images to enlarge.

Photo credit to St. Louis Globe-Democrat 1978 and The Saturday Evening Post magazine, 1968.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Bob and Susan, New Years Eve, 1989 at The Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis.

Bob toward the end of his police career. This was taken about 1984 when he was 43 years old.
Click on Images to enlarge.

Bob and Susan, Christmas 1992. Susan was 47, Bob was 51. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Susan taken at Landry’s Seafood restaurant in St. Louis on May 11, 2009, Bob’s 68th birthday.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Bob in 1960, Verdun France at 18 years old, poking a stick, (for some reason), at his friend, Bill Burrows. Jeep in the foreground is of WW II vintage and was assigned to Bob for almost 3 years. Most of Bob’s army friends from the 1950s reunited in 2004 and have maintained contact plus several visits to both Denver and St. Louis since. Click on Images to enlarge.

Bob showing off in the gym at 69 years old.

Bob in 2007 in Kemah, Texas. We have spent many fun trips there over the last 6 years.

This is a recent photo of Bob, taken on his 75th birthday in Kansas City at The Crown Center.

Susan, 2008, Kemah Texas, her second favorite pastime, Great cuisine. Her first, Las Vegas!!

Finally, Bob’s daughter Gail. He never knew she existed until he found her on the Internet in december of 2009 when she was 47 and he was 68. See the “Bob’s New Daughter” thread,

Gail on a trip to Colorado with her husband of 32 years, Forrest. Click image to enlarge.

Gail and her “Poppy”, Lake of the Ozarks, 2010

This is a recent photo taken of Gail in Set. Genevieve while visiting Lewis Pruneau. Can you believe she is in her 50s?

Gail and her fsaithful Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sadie!

And, another shot of Gail.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Bob and Susan Letterman