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2012 (Gail) A Trip to Kansas City

In May of 2012, My daughter Gail and I took a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. It was a four day trip and we stayed in the Embassy Suites hotel in Overland Park. We got two adjacent rooms on the top floor.

Click on image to enlarge.

Our rooms were at the top of the atrium.

We went to the Crown Plaza and shopped in the center there. This was taken in the lobby of the Westin Hotel. One side of it is built into a real bluff with a waterfall. Click on image to enlarge.

Gail and Pop

We went to Westport and walked. Really cool place! Click on image to enlarge.

We went to The Legends Mall in K.C. Kansas and ate at Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Landry’s chain. It was great!

Inside. Click on image to enlarge.

We shopped at the Plaza. Oldest shopping center in America.

We visited Harry Trumans house in Independence, Mo. Click on image to enlarge.

We had some great meals, Jack Stax Barbecue was our favorite. Click on image to enlarge.

Went to the Steamship Arabia museum. It was really cool! A steamship had sunk on the Missouri river back in the 19th century with a huge cargo for the outlaying towns and villages. A hundred fifty years later, it was found in the middle of a farmers field, the river had been diverted at one point, salvaged and tens of thousands of artifacts made into a museum. Boots shoes, guns, china, furniture, buttons, food stuffs, some of which are still edible. Awesome museum.

The artifacts featured seemed endless

There were zillions of buttons! Click on image to enlarge.

Thousands of pieces of fine china.

Tons of keys and locks.

Gail Perusing! Click on image to enlarge.

Furniture, complete bedroom and kitchen sets.

A paddlewheeler. Click on image to enlarge.

At the time of the original incident, all passengers and crew were saved. A man had a mule on board and told everyone he had released it and it swam to shore. When the salvage took place 150 years later, they found the remains of the mule still tied to a rail on the ship. A 150 year old lie was uncovered. Here are the remains.

Our last stop was a very unique resale shop. Very high end with a gourmet restaurant on the top floor. Gail shopped to her heart’s content. We both spotted a really unusual corner curio cabinet that had a nice patina on it. She liked it so I told her I would build her a nicer one for her 50th birthday. Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

If you are interested in seeing the one I built her, go here.

We had a great time and promised to have another Father-Daughter vacation next year. We did!

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